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Moving cost calculator

I would like a plugin that is a moving cost calculator based on this one: https://www.moving.com/movers/moving-cost-calculator.asp We would need to be able to plug ...

100% funded by 1 contributor

Super simple front end login

Is it possible to create a plugin that adds a login to the main menu and shows a log out if already logged in? Ideally it would just be a ...

23% funded by 3 contributors

Export custom post types as a CSV

I would like to be able to export a list of any custom post type as a csv file. It should include all custom fields associated with the posts. If ...

102% funded by 3 contributors

Plot any post type on a map

A plugin where you can select any post type (including custom post types) and set that post type so it can be plotted on a google map. The plugin should ...

29% funded by 2 contributors

Quote builder

I'd like a plugin that has screens with different options that can be selected to produce a quote with a calculated price emailed to the customer. It should also email ...

103% funded by 21 contributors

Upload documents to a user's account page

Allow administrators to upload media to a specific user that will show in their front end My Account page

103% funded by 2 contributors

Timed quiz plugin with randomised questions

Set up quizzes or tests with a time limit. Select a set number of questions from different sections but select those questions randomly from a question bank. Set a time ...

118% funded by 6 contributors